Culinary Peace in the Middle East

Yesterday the second and final day of Purim. So we made latkes! We only do this once or twice per year, and this weekend just felt right. The actual holiday of Purim coinciding with our jones was just serendipity.

Monday we’re instructing pals Andrea and Alex and Benjamin (and her parents, and their neighbors) in the fine art of Shawarma. Along with that, we’ll be preparing tabbouleh (they go so nicely together). We seldom take our show on the road, so wish us luck.

4 thoughts on “Culinary Peace in the Middle East”

  1. Carrie Jo

    Lovely! *LUCK* I appreciate your culinary delights.

  2. Cliff

    Thanks — it must have worked. We ended up having about half as many adults eating as planned, so there was an abundance…but everything turned out well (if a little delayed). It was kind of fun to have someone want to observe and learn from our stuff. Plus, you just don’t get much exposure to Middle Eastern food around here (there are exceptions, but not many). And especially not in your own kitchen.

  3. Andrea

    The Food was Fabulous! We finished up every bite the next evening and as I was warming up the chicken, I heard a “yum that smells good” from my mom. Something that she has not said in weeks.
    Thanks again!!!

  4. Cliff

    An: I’m so glad to hear that and sorry I didn’t get to meet your parents that night…but also glad they (she?) got to try it the next day.

    Will I get another shot at meeting them?

    It was our pleasure (also a look-ahead at our own set of cool knives arriving thanks to Sarah’s parents).

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