Gruß aus Dresden

Hi all!

So far we don’t have much to report except that the weather is just as weird here as it at home in Regensburg, and the Dresden’s tram system and our hotel have made a very good first impression on us.

Here’s roughly the route our trains took:

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It might be worth it to spring for the extra bucks and longer train trip to ride (for longer) in style next time on a higher class of train. The trains themselves were pretty modern, but there were only two cars per train and the engine was diesel. And they were crowded! If you spring for the better class of train (IC or EC, as opposed to RB/RE/IRE), you can reserve your seats. That would have been helpful today. We got stuck standing for a good portion of the trip packed into the flop-down seating area with families with stroller kids and toddlers and a smelly (but cute) German shepherd…and Germany’s smelliest train passenger (to date) — the The Human Ashtray (or so we called her). Between her and the standing-room-only and the terrain of the Erzgebirge, we got a little motion sick (and I strongly suspect we weren’t the only ones — everyone looked progressively greener until Zwickau). Fortunately, no one lost their lunch and we managed to snag proper seats for the duration of the trip starting at Zwickau.

I took some pictures this morning outside the Regensburg Hbf and on the train to Hof (where we changed trains and headed to Dresden):

Regensburg stuff, including wildlife confused by the weather:
Ausgangspunkt (starting situation) ducks fooled by winter flowers fooled by winter ducks and flowers 'ello, ducks!

Annoyed cat on the train:
annoyed cat

Sweet hotel!
Dresden Radisson SAS lobby p3252930.jpg the bed the doorway our TV greets us by name

After a quick freshening up (we just had to try out the AirPool and the beautiful shower), we’re off to explore Dresden and get something to eat while scoping out our breakfast options (not included at our hotel) and planning tomorrow’s activities.

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