“Humanism in China” in Dresden

Today we got our arts on. We checked out the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden, which was featuring an exhibition of photographic art called “Humanism in China” (here‘s the link if you’re interested) shot by Chinese photographers over the last fifty years. We both noticed how shots from the 50s were side-by-side with shots from the 80s, and if they were in black-and-white, they were awfully hard to discern from one another. I guess that says a lot about most of China over the last 50 years.

But we started our day scouting around for a nice place for breakfast, taking these pictures along the way:

Frauenkirche Platz

breakfast at the French-themed joint But in the end, we came back toward our hotel and found a great French-themed Brasserie with good coffee and well-priced breakfast offerings, because I couldn’t bear the thought of an eleven-Euro breakfast option out on the square pictured above.

Having recharged (and getting the much-needed caffeine fix), we headed out again, got our art on as mentioned above, and took these while hunting around for water at non-exorbitant prices:

Brühlsche Terrasse Fürstenzug p3262984.jpg Zwinger Kreuzkirche
Weather note: the wind is killing us here, much like the wind on at the other end of the Elbe back in December 2005. But at least it’s not terribly cold if you can stay out of the shadows. Unfortunately, with all these tall buildings and narrow streets between them, there are a lot of shadows.

Tonight: B and husband take us farners out for some local flavor. I hope it’s similar to the Pupen-Schultzes Schwarzes we had last night.

What's your take on it?

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