the IRL meetup

Tonight we met the Eurotrippens. They are really cool people.

One thing we Sarah noticed: they are the first American couple we have ever met over here where both parties are American. I thought that couldn’t be true when she first said it, but when I think about everyone else from our budding little ex-pat community in Regensburg (thanks go to Christina for her organizational efforts), they’re all not a couple, or not both American.

One thing I noticed: meeting people in real life, with whom our first contact was via our blogs or other websites (or, in our case, a BBS) has been a singularly cool experience, every time.

In roughly chronological order:

  1. Sarah (homerun on the first at-bat!)
  2. Miss-Efficiency and her husband via BookCrossing
  3. Zmrzlina via BookCrossing
  4. Ron & Kaori via BookCrossing
  5. a bunch of German bookcrossers at various meetups
  6. Margot and Nick, indirectly via BookCrossing
  7. Christina and Rainer
  8. and now B and Jim

Are we just lucky? Or are you all as thrilled with your on-line meetups as we are? You can post anonymously if you want.

9 thoughts on “the IRL meetup”

  1. J

    It’s not just you guys, I think most of us like meeting new people – especially other expats.

    Glad you got to meet the Eurotrippens, I agree that they’re great.

  2. Christina G

    I’ve had mixed results in meeting people online, but I’ve met A LOT of people online first (I would put it in the hundreds – we used to go to BBS parties in high school). However, most of the yucky people I met in the 90’s, this decades been pretty good. Or maybe it’s just that expats are cool? ;-)

  3. Christina G

    Oh, and you forgot Chris and Penny! They’re an expat couple (and they love Germany so much they just bought a house!) – well, okay, they’re not American – oh but what about Luca and Deborah?

  4. Cliff

    I’d ask him at the Fürstliches Brauhaus this weekend, but he’s not going to make it. I guess we could ask Deborah — she ought to know. I personally thought he was Italian.

  5. Christina G

    I think he was born in Italy, but grew up in New York.

  6. B.

    It was great meeting the two of you! Hopefully the cheese place was dreamy today…

  7. Cliff

    @B.: Oh, it was great. A little kitschy and a little pricey, but it was right next door to a mustard shop, which offered free samples. Details to be posted soon (I’m uploading pictures now).

  8. Cliff


    Sarah and I thought of not one, but two definite exceptions to our little assertion above:


    Sorry, guys!

  9. Christina G

    Doh! I forgot about them too. My bad. There are some Ami couples at the Uni too, but I’ve never met them. One of Rainer’s colleagues has promised to get in touch with them about the dinners.

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