not dead, just busy

It’s been like 10 days since either of us has last posted. You might be wondering, “Are they in a Banana Bread coma?”

Nope, but we have been busy. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • Sarah took a 3-day road trip to Frankfurt with our pal Andrea.
  • I have been to Nuremberg twice and Frankfurt once for one-day busines trips.
  • We have been to IKEA twice in person, and once by proxy (thanks a lot Natasha and Tommy for the delivery service).
  • As a result of that, we’ve been exercising all those muscles necessary for lugging big flat packages up narrow staircases and cranking hex-head screws into wood with allen wrenches.

<rant>Allergic to Microsoft?  Yeah, fine.  I get that.  But why Notes for Pete's sake?Most recently, I’ve been struggling with Lotus Notes as a result of being bought & sold last year. Other acquired units in the new parent company who were forced out of Exchange/Outlook years ago have advised us to just stop resisting and just accept it. They’ve also said,

“Notes is really powerful with regard to embedding workflows and distributed collaboration. Cliff, you like to tinker, right? You could do a lot within the Notes platform.”

It’s true, I do, but I’d prefer to be able to hit the ground running, and that’s not going well. I am severely missing my — or even any — keyboard shortcuts.

They don’t even have to make sense or be compatible with Windows de facto standards (ctrl-n does a new <anything>, ctrl-s saves the current <anything>, et cetera). Just don’t make me use the freakin’ mouse please! Alas, there really is no keyboard shortcut for replying to a message in Notes* — I have to select the “reply” button on the screen in order to reply to a message; something that every other email program I’ve ever used (Outlook, Outlook Express, (on the Mac), Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, and even Gmail) has made more accessible with a keyboard shortcut.

Those who have asked me for computery help of any kind have undoubtedly been annoyed by my “helpful” suggestions to “just hit tab twice, then press shift-ctrl-[whatever], and it’s a lot faster.” Your eye-rolling does not go un-noticed, as you ignore me and pore over your screens, looking for something to click on. And while you’re doing that, I’ve already deleted three emails and started composing a reply to another one with an embedded screenshot showing you how you could have done it faster.

Prior to the big switcheroo from Exchange/Outlook to Domino/Notes, I did some googley research and found a plethora of Lotus Notes hate speech sites. From those I got an idea of what awaited me on the morning after the mailbox conversion. They weren’t wrong; Notes is a disaster for people like me.</rant>

5 thoughts on “not dead, just busy”

  1. Cliff


    Sarah just read this post and said

    “OK, Nick Burns.”

    I am not my company’s computer guy. But I can sympathize with him. Remember this?

  2. tqe / Adam

    I really prefer not to use the mouse myself… in Google Reader I am a “J” kind of guy!

    The first word processor I ever used was WordStar, I think version 3.3, the last really good one. I really loved it since I could see the codes, keep my fingers on the home row, and type incredibly fast. I still use the keyboard shortcuts in Word, but I suspect I’m in the minority. How many people already know that ctrl-H is the shortcut for search and replace?

  3. Tammy

    You’re SOO Nick Burns!! :-)

  4. Mom

    We were concerned. That Banana Bread is getting old! Glad to hear you’ve just got computer issues to complain about and not that your system has shut down.
    We still can’t see the condo site. But we’re headed to Port Hope so maybe you can skype us there tomorrow.

  5. Christina G

    I have to admit that I have a little Nick Burns in me. Whenever Rainer asks for computer help, I explain first, say “Move!”, then shake my head saying “And you’re a professor.”

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