season opener

Last night Sarah and I kicked off the Biergarten season with ol’ work buddy Tim from Troy (he was in town on a trip). Traditionally Sarah and I like to get the spring started with the Alte Linde, since it has such a nice view of the city from across the river and the food is good and the atmosphere is nice — even during the World Cup in 2006 (see here). Editor’s note: if you’re lucky, you’ll get the middle-aged waiter dude with an earring. He’s a good sport. If you’re not, you’ll get the elderly shrew. She’s not.

Today, having the day off, we went out grocery shopping together and I smelled and spotted these flowers (couldn’t miss them really) on the way towards the train station:
P4243102 P4243099
P4243098 P4243097

2 thoughts on “season opener”

  1. Carrie Jo

    Beauty! This looks like the Holland tulip festival!

  2. Cliff

    Glad you enjoyed. I’d like to say “Thanks” in response, since I took the pictures, but somehow that feels unfair, since I sure didn’t plan, cultivate, or otherwise do anything to make them happen.

    These are good examples of why we always try and get people to come visit in the spring instead of, for example Thanksgiving week or mid-winter break.

    On somewhat of a downer note, it got cold and rainy this afternoon after we got back from shopping. The nice weather is obviously not yet reliable.

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