cruising the Danube down to Kelheim and back

Today, on Tammy’s brother Mark’s last day in town, the five of us piled into their car, drove to Kelheim, hopped aboard a river cruise ship and cruised upstream to Weltenburg for lunch. We had to cut the trip short, unfortunately, because Matthias felt ill. But it was still fun and at least we managed to be under the awning for lunch while it was raining.

Notables counter-clockwise, from top left:

  • that’s the Befreiungshalle commemorating victory against Napoleon, as seen from around a bend in the river
  • I had a smoked salmon. This guy had a lemon wedge propping him up from the inside. Everyone else was seemed thoroughly disgusted, but I thought it was great.
  • Tammy discovered that pregnant women lunching at the Weltenburg Monastery get free booties when they visit the ladies’ room. Nice, huh?

Befreiungshalle Tammy and restroom lady booties Forelle

3 thoughts on “cruising the Danube down to Kelheim and back”

  1. Tammy

    We had fun, until Matthias felt sick. Glad you guys came with us. I want to see the many pictures you took with your fancy camera.

    Those booties are awesome! I guess I obviously look pregnant now if random women in the Weltenburg restroom can spot me. That still makes me smile.

  2. Christina G

    Hey, I didn’t get booties when I was there last summer! :(

  3. Tammy

    Maybe they get too buy to knit in the summer. It was a bit slow when we were there, and Matthias said that when he was in the bathroom, they were knitting when their weren’t many people there.

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