transferring files from a nokia mobile phone to Kubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)

I had high hopes for Kubuntu 8.04 (the Hardy Heron) with regard to bluetooth transfers from our mobile phones to our computers. Apparently it got better for most of the world from 7.10 (the Gutsy Gibbon) to the current version, but not for users of Symbian-based phones like our Nokia E50 and E61i models.

Then I noticed apparently receiving bluetooth file transfers from our Mac mini to our Kubuntu Linux machine running 8.04 worked just fine — so why not from our phones? Was it related to our phones or to the software on our Linux machine?

It’s apparently related to the bluez-utils package in the Ubuntu repositories. A user posted on (original post here) that using the bluez-utils package from the Debian “sid” (unstable) repositories worked for him.

So, get the unstable bluez-utils package from here, install it with

sudo dpkg -i bluez-utils_3.30-3_i386.deb

reboot, and that’s it…at least, that’s how I did it. I hope I’ve saved someone some self-hair-pulling and googling.

3 thoughts on “transferring files from a nokia mobile phone to Kubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)”

  1. Carolyn

    You’ve got quite a jungle going on there what with herons and gibbons. Aren’t MAC OSs named after large cats, too? hehe!

  2. Cliff

    Yup! We’re running OS X Leopard (our Mac mini shipped with Tiger pre-installed, I think, but the Leopard DVD was in the box).

    Check these out for a listing of all the Ubuntu releases. I’ve been playing with Ubuntu since at least the Breezy Badger days — possibly since Hoary Hedgehog (not sure what “hoary” means? Look it up at

    I never noticed it before, but you’re right — it is rather “Wild Kingdom” around our computer desk.

  3. Mom

    Well, I think it was rather a wild kingdom before it was named so! ;)
    Hoary: white, as in having white hair from age, or frost, as in hoarfrost (first time I heard it I thought someone said something bad!) and if white hair is from being in the winter of our lives, twice the meaning. I prefer to think of mine as natural silver highlights, as a very kind male hairdresser described it once. He got a better job and I missed him everytime I got the hard sell to color my hair.

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