the in-laws conquer Europe

For those of you wondering: Po & Susie got here just fine, pretty much on schedule on Monday and they fought the jet lag like champs, staying up all day until dark. This set us up for a delightful Tuesday (see below) and what looks like a similar Wednesday (check back later).

Why not? Can you spot 'em? Catholics as seen by Protestants Now I know where she gets it.

3 thoughts on “the in-laws conquer Europe”

  1. Carolyn

    Looks like you’ve got beautiful weather! Have fun!

  2. Mom

    Say hello to Mulloys for us. Great photos. Very cute to have the distance shot of them out the window! What a perspective on your surroundings…
    I hope every day is fun and sunny.

  3. Sarah

    The weather has been particularly great since they got here. Hopefully it holds out for the trek across Austria!

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