Welcome to Regensburg – have a beer!

We’re going to arrange a little get-together for the attendees (locals and out-of-towners) of the Regensburg Expat Meeting Weekend on the evening of June 20th. Here are a few suggestions for venues:

Bar & Café Schierstadt

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This is a nice place with good beer and indoor or outdoor seating. It’s never been overly loud, so it’s conducive to conversation.

Alte Linde

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A big, beautiful Biergarten with ample seating and Dom view. Kind of hard to miss as it’s in the middle of the bridge. Good Bavarian food, too, if you come hungry.


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Sorry, no link for this one. A nice, enclosed Biergarten on the Altstadt-side of the bridge. Spanish cuisine – in case you didn’t get that from the name.

Anyone who is interested in coming, please give me a heads-up and your preferred venue in the comments. All venues have an indoor option if the weather is not cooperative. After I get enough responses, we’ll settle on a place and time and I’ll e-mail my handy number to the attendees. Because it’s a Friday, I suggest we get started around 8. I know the baseball games go until later, but I don’t want to get shut out by a huge weekend bar crowd. If you want to stay for the later games, let me know and I’ll give out my handy so you can meet up with the group if we end up moving to another bar.

Hope to see you there!