Papal Bull

…in the unfortunate sense. CNN is reporting a general threat levied at anyone trying to ordain women to serve as priests.

You’d think that to counter-act the negative publicity from their sex abuse scandals recently they’d modernize their stance on this. I am, of course, in no way asserting that allowing the ordination of women would make up for the sex abuse that has occurred. I just think, in a PR/damage-control kind-of-way that allowing women priests would be a smart move; especially considering dwindling seminary enrollments and parish participation and all that.

But, Catholics among us, just out of curiosity — with what title would you address a female priest? “Mother So-and-so?” It feels little weird in my brain, but I guess I could get used to it. What’s the accepted abbreviation for that? I mean, corresponding to “Father” being abbreviated to “Fr.,” there’s probably a short form for “Mother.”

“Mr.?” Yikes.

Or can we just ask the Anglicans how they do it?