Zwei Tage im Frankfurter Raum

I’m spending the next two days in Frankfurt (am Main, natürlich, and more precisely Rödelheim and Eschborn) on a business trip, getting there sometime this evening via a carpool from Regensburg with a big long layover at a workshop in Pommersfelden.

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Anyone wanting to meet up, show/tell me where to eat, etc. please comment here with your email address and hopefully Sarah won’t mind relaying your info to me via my mobile phone (not sure what my connectivity to email — work or otherwise — is going to be). I’ve been there more than a few times before, but never overnight, which has always meant a big long day with early morning train travel, too much coffee to get me through the middle, and a drowsy, throbbing return trip the same evening.

I don’t expect anything particularly exciting about Rödelheim or Eschborn, but I would appreciate some general tips about the Frankfurt downtown area. I figure I ought to be able to S-Bahn it into the city and explore, if only those in the know could tell me which lines and stations to use.

I’m headed back Thursday afternoon on an ICE.