Nürnberg Day Trip

It’s so close (just about an hour away), and yet we’ve never visited it save for its airport and Christkindlmarkt. There’s a lot of history there: art, culture, politics, you name it. So yesterday we opted for a BayernTicket and spent the afternoon in downtown Nürnberg.

I’d been thinking about this for about a week since a co-worker recommended the Karstadt department store’s grocery for a nice cut of beef (there’ll be a separate post about that in the form of a review) and our free time happened to coincide with Spirit Asia (thanks for the tip Christina).

So we got there painlessly, exited the train station, walked about a block and found the festival. It seemed about 80% Thai food and 20% everything else, ranging from full-body massage to bonsai trees and gardening supplies. We settled on some overpriced Indian food that was fine — but no Ganesha, even allowing for the carny-food atmosphere.

Good thing admission was free.

After lunch we just started strolling around, crossing the Pegnitz, getting our Fußgängerzone on and some shopping at Karstadt (in addition to the steak dinner). Result: Nürnberg is a nice place. It’s got the old-world charm in its Altstadt but much more cosmopolitan than Regensburg. We had great luck with the weather and that helped a lot.

4 thoughts on “Nürnberg Day Trip”

  1. Tammy

    Oh, I didn’t know they had Karstadt there! I love that place. There is a big one in Muenster, and we go there most times we visit – it is always filled with Brits.

  2. Jul

    LOL at the little city folks getting all excited about the Karstadt. :)

  3. Cliff

    Not sure how to take that, Jul.

    But thanks for calling us “little.” :-)

  4. J

    I need to get back to Nberg. I’ve only been there for the Christmas Market.

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