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Maschseefest The weather was a little iffy on this trip, but it mostly worked out. The Maschseefest — one of the largest events in Northern Germany — was pretty good on Friday night (it was a little weak on Thursday night).

Hannover: just kind of meh. I definitely need more time there before I can form an opinion (I experienced the train station, the hotel, the Fest, the inside of a conference room, and nothing of the city itself). But after a few glimpses around, especially of the Fest itself, I found myself wondering: Where’s the tradition?. There seemed to be no connection to the past there, the way there is in Regensburg, Nuremberg, or Munich. I am sure there are various and sundry historical, political and cultural reasons for that, but we’ll need to compare Hannover with other Northern German cities to be sure. Next up: Bremen.

3 thoughts on “back from Hannover”

  1. Rebecca Lunn

    Hi Cliff! I have been looking on the internet for some sort of Expat group in Regensburg, and came across your site…I recently moved here and I am having serious problems meeting people. I am from Chicago but have lived in Germany 4 years, most recently in Bonn. I took a job at the University here and never imagined I would feel so lonely and homesick! Boo hoo!

    Anyway, you being an Ami and all, do you have any info on other Expats here? Are you and your wife up to meeting new people? (: You seem really busy but maybe you could meet up for coffee or something?

    I would appreciate any help or tips, it is all looking quite grim at the moment!!!!

    Thank you SO much!

    Rebecca Lunn

  2. Sarah

    Hi Rebecca!

    I just sent you an e-mail. Things will get better – promise!

  3. J

    I spent a day in Hannover last year or the year before (can’t remember which) and was given a tour by a local (Mausi) and we saw most of he historical things. However, you’re right – it doesn’t have all the old buildings of other cities (perhaps because it was bombed during the way (I don’t know if it was or wasn’t)). However, it was a nice place to spend a day.

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