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Here are a couple of pictures taken recently. We tried out a new (to us) Indian joint in town and were impressed with the waiter’s friendliness (as opposed to Ganesha’s typical surliness) but less-than-wowed by the food’s flavor and especially with the how long it took to arrive (note the beverages at critical levels before even digging into the chow). But the presentation was nice:
Indian Palace

Also, pretty much none of our local pals know this yet, but we’ve recovered our living room furniture — gives it a whole new look on the same old chairs. I wish I could say we carefully chose fabrics and measured them out and stitched the slipcovers ourselves and stuff, but…we didn’t. made it much easier.

3 thoughts on “couple of pictures”

  1. Carolyn

    Wow those look really nice!! Re: Indian food, what did you have?

  2. Sarah

    @Carolyn: I had the chicken korma (it was WAY SWEET – like the time I made it, but used coconut cream instead of coconut milk…) and Cliff had the lamb bhuna. His was really pretty good at first, but it got saltier tasting as you ate more of it.

  3. CN Heidelberg

    Man, I hate it when you get beverage-critical before the food arrives!!

    Luckily this never happens in the US since you get the endless supply of water. (Then you have bathroom-seeking issues afterward…)

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