Skiing Recommendations?

We are thinking about perhaps doing some skiing in February. I’ve never actually skied before – just tagged along with others – but we’ve been twice now to Zell am See in Austria. It was nice, but we’d like to explore a different area. And with potential visitors for winter, we’d like to have a variety of options.

Does anyone have suggestions for somewhere else to ski, preferably in Germany, Austria, Italy or France? We like Switzerland, but having to change currencies is a bit of a downer. Tell us your European ski stories!

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  1. CN Heidelberg

    I have never skied but have been told that if you stay on the German side of the border, lodging and stuff are much cheaper than the other countries. We stayed in a town called Mittenwald that has a skiing thing going on, but again since I never skied I don’t know if the actual skiing was any good! But the town was cute!

  2. Sarah

    Thanks, CN Heidelberg. I’ll look into Mittenwald and see what I can find out.

  3. Jul

    I have heard the exact opposite… that skiing is much cheaper in Austria than Germany (but I don’t know this area well enough to say whether that’s true from personal experience). We’ve been to a couple places across the border, but I can’t say any of them stuck out as particularly fabulous. They were all good, though. I can probably look up the names for you, but I’m betting you’ll get advice from someone more experienced than us.

    If you decide you ever want to go the Swiss route (which granted is probably the most expensive of all), the Bernese Oberland is one of my favorite places on Earth. Great skiing, sledding, apres-skiiing, fondue, etc… and little tiny towns so cute it will make your cheeks hurt.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks, Jul. I’ll do some searching around in that area.

  5. headbang8

    Master Right and I enjoyed Kitzbühl, in Austria. Accommodation can be expensive in the season, but the choice of mountains is formidable, you can access them easily without a car, and the town is charming.

    Budget skiers, I’m told, base themselves in Partenkirchen–the slightly cheaper sister to Garmische.

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