Senator Jim Inhofe — what a slimeball

He thinks if you can't see it, you won't believe it
He thinks if you can't see it, you won't believe it.
Attention Oklahomans:

Please vote this guy out of office. He is insulting you. Here’s a quote from a Tulsa newspaper from him about the decision voters will have to make:

“Do you really want to have a guy as commander in chief of this country when you can question whether or not he really loves his country?” he asked.

“That’s the big question.”

Aroo? Barack Obama’s love for his country is questionable? The article continues:

After he was asked for an explanation on why voters should question Obama’s love for his country, Inhofe issued a written statement on Friday to clarify his earlier comments.

“Let me be clear,” he said.

“I am not questioning Sen. Obama’s patriotism, but you have to question why at times he seems so obviously opposed to public displays of patriotism and national pride, like wearing an American flag lapel pin.”

Inhofe said Americans can show pride in their country in different ways but suggested all should be straightforward.

OK, let me get this straight. Senator Inhofe would have you believe the following:

  1. Patriotism and love of country are two separate issues.
  2. Not indulging in public displays of patriotism and national pride casts doubt upon one’s love of country (though not one’s patriotism, right Senator?).
  3. All ways of showing pride in ones country should be straightforward.

That’s a pretty hefty load. I’m willing to let the first point slide by as a politician’s attempt to wiggle out of a statement he shouldn’t have made. But the other two are unforgivable. Senator Inhofe wants you, his electorate, to be able to judge who is patriotic and who is not with simple, obvious, visual clues.

So you don’t have to trouble yourself with any sort of subtle truth. Oklahomans, I hope you feel insulted. But that’s not all! Perusing the Senator’s entry on Wikipedia, I came across these gems:

  • He thinks global warming is a hoax perpetrated by The Weather Channel so as to attract greater numbers of viewers.
  • He thinks the separation of church and state as a founding principle of the United States is an even bigger hoax than Global Warming.
  • He suggested that the U.S. earned the 9/11 attacks as punishment from God for not sticking up for Israel more.
  • He is proud that no one in his family has ever been divorced or involved in any kind of homosexual relationship.

Actually, on that last point there, it is pretty cool that no one in his family has ever been divorced. Not many families can say that and I hope it is a testament to the spouses’ commitments to each other. But to be proud of not ever having had a homosexual relationship in the family is like being proud that no one in your family has ever had blue eyes.

So please, good citizens of OKlahoma, realize what this scumbag really thinks of you — and the majority of U.S. citizens — and help him get a new job.

12 thoughts on “Senator Jim Inhofe — what a slimeball”

  1. Jul

    Eh, you’ve failed to convince me of how he is more offensive than any other Republican.

  2. Cliff

    That wasn’t the intent.

    I like to point ’em out one at a time instead of lumping them all together — much like how I also dislike being pigeonholed as a white guy, U.S. citizen, garlic-eater, whatever.

  3. Jul

    I prefer to pigeonhole you as a guy who refuses to wear an American flag pin.

  4. Cliff

    a guy who refuses to wear an American flag pin

    Now how do you know that?

  5. Jul

    What, you don’t remember the American flag I tried to get you to wear at the Ethiopian restaurant? You wanted nothing to do with it.

  6. Sarah

    Oh, of course! I remember that. I just had to sift through a lot of DJ Bobo and brain is monkey to fully recall it.

  7. Jul

    So how’s that new brain is monkey website coming, anyway?

    As tempting as it is, I’m not gonna click on the DJ Bobo link. You can’t make me.

  8. Sarah

    Not coming along much at all. But give it time.

    The DJ Bobo link isn’t nearly as much fun as I’d hoped – no blaring ‘music’ when it loads, no awesome popups, nuthin’,

  9. Diane Mandy

    Jul is right, sad to say. He sounds like every other Republican! :-)

  10. Sarah

    @Diane: Your comment makes me so intensely sad. I mean, I’m pretty socially liberal*, so I tend to fall on the Democrats’ side purely by virtue of policy. But it would be nice if the GOP backed the hell off of the insane with-us-or-against-us, America-F@$%-Yeah rhetoric. I’m not completely happy with the Democrats, but I feel like my vote is being held hostage because the deafening moralizing of the Right is repulsive.

    It would be really nice to have a truly viable third (or fourth! or fifth!) party choice.

    *That’s not a bad word and I refuse to allow the pejorativization of it by one crazed faction take it away from me.

  11. Jen

    I’m a California native currently marooned in OKIEHOMA and also one of the 33% of the population here who voted for Obama. TRUST me…I would love to have seen Inhofe voted out…and I certainly tried. The problem, though, is that sadly and unfortunately Inhofe really does represent the typical Okie point of view. He fits right in here. And I have heard some CRAZY stuff from the locals. Okiehoma isn’t exactly a normal place. Sigh. Just look at what state rep. Sally Kern has stewing up:

    1. cliff1976

      Jen: oh man…what a nutjob. Thanks for calling our attention to that.

      I’m reposting my favorite part of that resolution here:

      NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we the undersigned elected officials of the people of Oklahoma, religious leaders and citizens of the State of Oklahoma, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, solemnly declare that the HOPE of the great State of Oklahoma and of these United States, rests upon the Principles of Religion and Morality as put forth in the HOLY BIBLE; and

      BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, believers in the One True God and His
      only Son, call upon all to join with us in recognizing that “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord,” and humbly implore all who love Truth and Virtue to live above reproach in the sight of God and man with a firm reliance on the leadership and protection of Almighty God; and

      BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, humbly call upon Holy God, our
      Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer, to have mercy on this nation, to stay His hand of judgment,
      and grant a national awakening of righteousness and Christian renewal as we repent of our great sin.

      I guess they thought that the prayer on paper with all its WHEREASes and BE IT RESOLVEDs is going to make a better impression on God than simple, earnest, individual prayer. Or maybe they thought their constituents would see it that way. Either way — ugh.

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