praise from the customer

Ok Cliff, sorry, sometimes seems like I think you are the only one working on this org.

Got the above email from an internal customer on my way back from a 4-day trip for a 3-day training in Düsseldorf.

It’s nice to get recognition like that now and then. Even when everything else is going wrong/slowly/badly/to hell if I make an impression like that, I must be doing OK.

Note to self: bring that email to your annual review…

2 thoughts on “praise from the customer”

  1. tqe / Adam

    Random emails like that always make my day!

  2. Mom

    Good for you! When I get a comment like that, I always say, “Call the guidance/principal’s office and tell them that.” It’s hard some days to remember the nice things and not focus on the negative. I’m usually so happy to hear something nice that I find myself saying complimentary things to secretaries, waitstaff, or my principal just to “pay it forward.”

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