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A friend of ours was getting her political discourse on and watched this interview in preparation.

Her reaction to it:

She was reminding me of {name removed to protect the nice-but-stupid}. The reason I say that is that she seems like she is totally in over her head, but she can BS enough to look good to people who are as stupid as she is.

That struck me as the most astute observation I’ve heard yet from someone I know personally. Sarah Palin may be able to pull the wool over some or even most of the voting public’s eyes, but that stuff around seven minutes into the interview sure won’t fly as soon as she’s called upon to represent the U.S. in anything international.

I mean, I know she’s evil. Outlawing abortion, pork barrel spending, blurring the separation of church and state, and book bannings: those are all things that I expect from politicians whose positions conflict with my own. From her policy standpoint, clearly, I think she’d be bad for the country. I can sort of accept that those kinds of candidates exist.

But based on her statements in the interview above, where she’s flying solo in response to questions and challenges posed to her instead of charming her supporters and belittling her opponents in prepared statements with no opportunity for spontaneous dialog, it’s clear to me that Sarah Palin is simply unprepared to lead the nation. Matt Damon seems to think so, too:

What exactly did the McCain camp expect her to come up with when the time comes to show what she knows? We know she got elected to govern Alaska because pretty much everyone else in Alaskan government was corrupt and Alaska desperately looked to the least familiar face in the game. And it was pretty. And maybe that and some hockey mom tactics was enough for Alaska. But we as a nation really need more than that.

I am dreading having to explain to my coworkers how she could even be considered for the job.

3 thoughts on “astute observation”

  1. Snooker

    I worry about people like my mother who are now all gung ho to vote for McCain because Palin is behind him. “But she talks like US”, my 75 year old mom mumbles into the phone.
    “Well,” I said immediately, “she doesn’t talk like me”.

  2. Pops

    Governing Alaska would be similar to governing Macomb County here in Michigan, except that Macomb County has more people in it…………….

  3. Mom

    I can’t see how abortion got to be so important in our political conversations, but Sarah Palin is clearly in to appease conservatives without further alienating the marginalized women who don’t/can’t bring themselves to vote Democrat/Pro-choice/label/label/label. However anyone feels about the issues of choice and rights, the much scarier portion of the Sarah Palin package is the teaching of creationism “alongside” evolution in school. The person we are seeing is clearly right out of the Handmaid’s Tale. In some creepy way she is turning Mrs. Poole into a sinister spokesperson for those ultra-right males who will CONTROL every aspect of society. Using a perky face and hometown persona to represent what Americans think is their wholesome selves, she’ll spit out the lines they feed her and perhaps not even understand how she is being used. Certainly McCain did not make this choice freely, but admitting that would destroy the support the right has thrown his way. He has selected a Stepford wife as his running mate, but he is not in charge.

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