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Air France is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a killer fare sale. Major airports in Germany to Paris (I think CDG) for 75€ roundtrip for travel dates starting today and going all the way to March 31, 2009! But you have to buy today – it’s a one-shot deal. Check it out.

13 thoughts on “This just in!!”

  1. tqe / Adam

    man, if only i lived near one of those major cities…

  2. Yelli

    THANK YOU! We are totally taking life by the horns and buying tickets today! How do you find all of these deals?

  3. Sarah

    @tqe/Adam: yet somehow, you manage to get around ;)

    @Yelli: I’m on every travel website known to man’s e-mail spam list. I get one that’s worth bothering with about 2% of the time. But when 2% yields cut-rate fares to Paris and Mexico, that’s not too bad!

  4. Heather

    P.S. I LOVE YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!! We just booked our flight for Valentine’s weekend. Granted we’re taking our friend Kristi with us…but still–WEEEE!!!

  5. Sarah

    @Heather: Fabulous! Saving money on airfare is très romantique.

  6. Jul

    Oh oh oh! Awesome! Looking at booking something now….


  7. Jul

    Sweet! That was a pretty fab deal, since they had almost every single flight available. We are looking forward to our long weekend in Paris…

    Thanks again! Feel free to keep informing me of fabulous travel deals in the future…

  8. Mom

    You’re a hero for making so many people happy! Good job!

  9. J

    A day late, too many Euros too short.

    Actually, I can get to Paris for less than that price by Thalys from Cologne.

  10. Sarah

    @Jul: Do you need some Gallic influence to balance out all the Scandinavian fish-jerky and gummi Smurfs?

    @Rose: I don’t know about heroism. I’m just a loose woman with my e-mail address.

    @J: Normally, we prefer train travel. But from the wilds of Bavaria, it tends to cost more than 75€ and takes forever.

  11. Jul

    Actually it was the realization after we got home from Norway that we didn’t have a single future trip planned! That was giving me the heebie-jeebies.

    Are you guys coming down for Oktoberfest at all? I hear there’s beer there…

  12. Sarah

    @Jul: Beer? In Munich?

    We might be coming down soon. As Michigan absentee voters, our ballots have to be notarized at the Consulate. Once we get the ballots and figure out when the notary is available, we might need to make a run down your way.

    And if a Maß should be shoved in front of us while underway, so much the better. So we’ll keep you informed;)

  13. Jul

    There’s something poetic about combining ballot notarization and a beer festival…

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