WEBMU 2008 — Bremen (and Bremerhaven)

Bremen WEBMU 2008Rolled back into town a couple hours ago after a 6-hour trip back to Regensburg from Bremen for the 4th annual Whiny Explat Blogger Meetup. The trip went smoothly, despite several long delays in the train schedule. Try not to spend a layover in the Würzburg Hbf if you can help it (ugh…).

Big, big thanks to Claire for her organizational wizardry and friendly welcome packets, waiting for us at our respective hotels (even ours, 25 minutes out into the burbs via tram line). How she managed to get the weather to be just perfect, I’ll never know.

This was our first meetup and I’m sure it won’t be our last. It was great fun meeting in person the authors and commenters of many of the blogs we read. I would be tickled to have any of them give us a call (or even better, an email) when they plan to visit Regensburg or meet up with them for a drink or a meal or museum outing or something when our travels bring us to their towns. Easiest way I can think of to avoid those “Aw, shucks, had I known you were going to be in town…” realizations? Sign up for dopplr and connect to me or Sarah. You can follow our travel plans via that site, or RSS, or email. It’s really, really, intuitive and (this is the best part) extremely unobtrusive. And no, we’re not getting points or referral bonuses or anything like that. I first heard about dopplr from a banner on J’s blog and since then, four different expatriate blog authors I read have also shared their travel plans with me/us. How cool would that be to discover I know someone who’ll be in Romania or Berlin or Paris the same week that I am?

Here are the best shots I got from the trip:

7 thoughts on “WEBMU 2008 — Bremen (and Bremerhaven)”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    Great photos!! It was great meeting you guys. I’ll have to look into this Dopplr thing…

  2. Diane Mandy

    Some lovely shots there! I hope we get more of a chance to visit next time–or better yet, sooner!

  3. christina

    I repeat: great pics! It was great to finally meet you guys and talk a bit.

  4. Cliff

    Thanks all — back atcha!

    We had a blast. What struck me the most were our diverse backgrounds and situations. Pretty much the only thing we had in common was our expatriateness, but that didn’t stop the good times!

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  6. NewWrldYankee

    Like I told Adam, I so wish we had something of the same in hungary. Though I wonder how many expats there are here, anyway. How many of you were there?

  7. Cliff

    Hmm, good question. Sarah and I estimate about 25-30 people at the meetup’s peak on Saturday night, but our esteemed organizers at http://www.jbittner.com/germany/ and http://claireseuroamerica.blogspot.com would surely have the exact number for you. That was our first meetup and we had a blast.

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