apropos of nothing

I can’t even tell you how I found this clip — it’s the magic of online music at amazon.com combined with some weird stream of consciousness on my part. Click here and make sure your speakers are on. It’s a little (less than a minute) classical music and a famous narrator…though I’m sure he’s not famous for narrating. Cracks me and Sarah up.

Oh, and it’s not political in any way I am aware of, in case the last post was a little too topical.

K.C. in January / Google-branded browser

If you’re thinking about intercontinental travel, January might be the time to go and now might be the time to purchase it. At least, that was our thinking. Sarah found us flights on Lufthansa/United for less than €1200 total, two adults, economy, round-trip. That’s a decent price for a direct flight (say to Detroit or something) but that includes the domestic flights from Chicago to K.C. and back. I’ll be burning up some left-over vacation time while we hang with Sarah’s family and our friends there. And of course, trying to rest up for our Puerto Vallarta trip in April. Come to think of it, there are quite a few trips coming down the pipe — check them out on my dopplr page (or on Sarah’s). If we’re coming to a town near you, let us know.

In other news, I wrote this post using a brand new browser developed by Google called Chrome. Just giving it a test drive. So far, so good, but I’ve yet to put it through some heavy-lifting to see if it lives up to the hype. I’ll be much more curious to see how the Linux and Mac versions shape up when they’re released.