Greetings from Cork

After three days, we finally gave up on the wireless internet access that is supposed to work from our room. It just doesn’t…but it does from the lobby.

It’s going pretty much as planned. Thursday we wandered around after arriving in the afternoon. Yesterday (Friday) we explored Cobh (a.k.a. Cove, previously known as Queenstown), a major emigration center in past decades. They have a lovely museum on the topic of emigration. Oddly enough, our first excursion in Bremen was to Bremerhaven to explore their emigration museum (a few posts back). Today the weather kinda disappointed us, so we stuck to exploring Cork on foot, with a little light shopping, and a visit to their Butter Museum (no samples!?).

We’ve been making sure to have Bailey’s in our coffee and a glass of Murphy’s with dinner and are enjoying the Irish Breakfast selections (barring the black pudding).

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Cork”

  1. tqe / Adam

    hey! I liked the Cork Butter Museum when I visited it!

  2. Cliff

    After having visited that museum and seeing the old commercials from marketing campaigns, we keep saying to each other:

    Please…don’t cook with Kerrygold.

  3. NewWrldYankee

    Now, the question of the hour is did you have that shepard’s pie you were so craving?!

  4. Cliff

    Yup — but nearly at the end of the trip, and it was just OK. The Fish’n’Chips (“the Chippy!”) at a joint walking distance from our B’n’B was much, much better.

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