Cliffs of Nowhere

Cliffs of Nowhere Yesterday we tried to drive up to the Cliffs of Moher because we heard they are fantastic. The weather was crummy when we left, but we were hoping it would clear up or at least break a little bit while we were visiting the cliffs.

pa064603 Didn’t work out that way. We got soaked and couldn’t see ANYTHING. So we bought some postcards and shipped ’em out. The postcards look nice. After that we stopped in a little town on the way to explore its prominently displayed graveyard on a hill high above the town’s center, which resulted in some spooky photos. But it was very quiet and peaceful up there, which was refreshing after the disappointment of the invisible Cliffs of Moher.

pa064618The GPS device included with our rental car gets big cheers for taking us along some of the cutest roads we’ve seen yet, on our way to the ferry to help us skip past the mouth of the River Shannon (shaving at least an hour off our drive time on the return trip).

5 thoughts on “Cliffs of Nowhere”

  1. Mom

    Hope I’m on the postcard list! The pictures look like you are finding the interesting things to look at, even if the weather isn’t very “vacational.” Nothing like a cemetary on a cloudy fall day for mood!
    Love, Mom

  2. Diane Mandy

    You take the most amazing photographs!

  3. Cliff

    @Mom: yup!

    @Diane: Thanks! More to come!

  4. NewWrldYankee

    Did it stop raining at some point? Because those latter pictures are shockingly clear – or maybe I just need to zoom in?

  5. Cliff

    NWY: those aren’t in chronological order. It was like we were trapped in the stream of an atomizing mister while at the Cliffs of Moher, but just drizzling off and on at Ennistymon. At one point I had to stop taking pictures because of all the water on the UV filter I keep on for lens protection. The graveyard pics were all taken before it got too terrible. The dusk sky pics on the ferry were after I had a chance to wipe off the filter with some lens paper and let it dry.

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