off again

I’ve been back from Ireland for three whole days, and now it’s time to head out again. Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Romania on business, but not to my usual destination of Iaşi. This time my Iaşi team members are meeting me in Sibiu for two days, where we will get to know some new colleagues doing similar work, to explore our similarities and differences and try to make a proposal for future collaboration.

Then, I’m off to Timişoara for two days to soak up some knowledge from two kinds of experts — one German and one Romanian — before returning home to Germany on Thursday evening. But that’s not all; I’m in Nürnberg for the day on Friday, so it’ll be a full (work-)week on the road.

Here’s how it looks:

Größere Kartenansicht

6 thoughts on “off again”

  1. damon

    Hmm. With that schedule, I don’t know whether I should envy or pity you. Good luck!

    Hope you had fun in Ireland!

  2. NewWrldYankee

    You’re right here! Just pop over the border to Debrecen, Hungary! Call this an open invite!

  3. Cliff

    damon said:

    I don’t know whether I should envy or pity you.

    I vote “pity.” It was kind of a hassle getting this trip organized in the first place…I hope it works out.

    NWY said:

    Call this an open invite!

    Thanks, that’s awfully nice. Seems unlikely though, since my trips to Romania are always to cities there via planes, and never over a weekend.

  4. Snooker

    Man, slow down a bit. You’re making me dizzy.
    And keep up the pictures… awesome!

  5. Mom

    I think I will just boil some meat and cabbage and potatoes and put the pictures on a loop. If I open the door and let a breeze in, maybe I can almost be there. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  6. Diane Mandy

    Safe travels!

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