I’m back and I’m tired

Whew. I’m tired. That week was bumpy, even with a one-night stay at home from Thursday night to Friday morning.

dinner in Sibiu #1 Arriving in Sibiu was fine and smooth for me, but one of the guys from Iași had a six-hour layover in Bucharest — travel inside Romania is not always easy. And my travel buddy from Nuremberg on this trip got there with about two hours late, which caused us to postpone the plant tour to next morning…cutting into our work time. But we had a lovely dinner at a very traditional restaurant.

I thought we would be able to get past the slightly bumpy start after a night’s sleep at the Ramada Sibiu. Maybe it was too comfortable — when we finally finished the plant tour and started to get down to business, I realized I’d left my little bag of cables and connectors and Elektroschrott back at the hotel. Which means I couldn’t get us onto any part of “my” company’s network (since we got bought last year, our networks have been completely separate). How embarrassing. But I tried to rectify the situation by grabbing a taxi back to the hotel on my lunch break. It took a half an hour just for the taxi to arrive, and then forty-five minutes to get from the plant (outskirts of town, 1 minute from the airport) to the hotel and 15 minutes to get back from the hotel to the plant. What did I learn? Traffic in Sibiu can be extremely chaotic.

PA144758_autoexposure_adjust_ufraw We had another very nice, traditional dinner in Sibiu that evening, and I was playing around with my tripod and remote shutter, trying to take some interesting low light (no flash!) pictures. I think I still have some learning to do in that realm. Oh, and it would help if everyone would stop moving while I’m shooting, please.

PA144763 Checking out of the Ramada Sibiu the next morning was also somewhat chaotic. There was a mad dash of businessmen yelling at the lone receptionist guy about how they were going to miss their flights because their taxis to the airport hadn’t yet shown up (even though the poor receptionist guy called twice, pleading for a taxi to show up, etc.). I was a bit stressy too, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about. We got to the airport just fine and were delayed in boarding our plane for TWO HOURS due to foggy conditions both in Sibiu and Timisoara. Then after boarding, we waited another one hour in the plane on the tarmac before the weather finally broke.

Of course, all of this put a big time squeeze on our meeting in Timisoara and frustration levels there rose again. Walking around downtown Timisoara at night after a meal at a fancy restaurant helped us relax a little. The next day in Timisoara was stressier again (fortunately not for me — I was mostly observing on this part of the mission) due to time constraints and personal objectives of the participants, but thanks to the team assistant in Timisoara, I budgeted plenty of time for the trip to the airport and all went smoothly on the way home.

10 hours after arriving here though I was already on a train headed out to Nuremberg, in meetings all day with my boss and his boss and my Nuremberg travel buddy from the first four days of the week. I’d planned to finish the week with a 16:31 departure from Nuremberg to Regensburg, but the discussion got kind of involved, so I opted to catch the 18:31 instead. And then the discussion caused me to miss that train as well, despite running all through the Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof and actually pressing the button to open the door to the train. Missing a train by less than 5 seconds is really, really frustrating. So I waited an hour at the train station and finally made it back to our apartment around 21:00. I am glad that week is over.

4 thoughts on “I’m back and I’m tired”

  1. Tammy

    Man, I HATE watching as the train I just missed pulls out of the station! It is even worse if you have pressed the button to no avail. I used to commute an hour to school in Philadelphia, and bad days always began with me watching my train head out without me on it….

  2. Mom

    I’m glad you’re home, safe and tired. We’ll skype you early tomorrow (Sunday) but if you have plans, don’t worry. We’re having a spectacular fall day here today. I hope you got to see the full moon while you were in Romania! It’s been gorgeous here all week long, but it sounds cooler to see it in Romania, I think. Maybe some bats flying across it — no, that would be at the cottage. ;)

  3. NewWrldYankee

    I am actually going to Romania too in a couple weeks! Going to visit my friend in Bucharest, and in Oradea. V. excited to see Dracula’s castle. Have you seen it on your many excursions there? How do you find the language there – easy to understand?

  4. Cliff

    Never been to any castles in Romania, actually — never any touristy stuff at all, though we’ve been thinking about it. Supposedly monastery tours in Romania are very interesting because some of them have been turned into health spas.

    The language is not too difficult for me to read, given a background in Spanish and knowing a few West-Latin to East-Latin conversion rules-of-thumb I’ve noticed along the way. But understanding the spoken word is still tough for me, other than hearing some food items mentioned in conversations between waiters and native speakers. I’m getting better at those.

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