Hypothetically speaking, of course

Anybody been to Iceland and feel like telling us about it? What’s not to miss? What to avoid? Can you get the same thing closer to home (Norway, Sweden, Finland)? Suggestions/recommendations as soon as possible would be much appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Hypothetically speaking, of course”

  1. tqe / Adam

    you’ve got mail.

  2. Lorenz

    Finland is definitely not Iceland. And now is not the best time to come. It started to become really dark and wet. However, I can recommend Lapland from December to March. Sure, it is going to be cold and dark. But it is also an amazing scenery and you might be able to see some northern lights…

  3. J

    Heather-in-Europe (on my blogroll) has been to Iceland. You might want to contact her.

  4. CN Heidelberg

    I haven’t been (except for a layover) but I’ve been morbidly curious as to whether it’s going to be cheaper to visit there now….they were known for being one of the (or maybe even The) most expensive destinations in Europe!

  5. Cliff

    We found a good deal on a possibly suspect airline and also heard that the country’s financial woes benefit the tourist. So why not an Iceland trip in May for 300 € a head round trip? The answer might be: AirBerlin (for which we have much love, but also worry).

  6. Sarah

    @Lorenz: Thanks – now Finland’s on the list as well. And we’re not looking at anything in the immediate future. We’ll be staying still for at least a month.

    @J: Thanks – I’ll take a look at her. I also think I found Reykjavik Harbor Watch on your blogroll.

    @CNH: We’re feeling rather mercenary about it, but the financial crisis is one of the reasons we’re considering it.

  7. NewWrldYankee

    One of my really good friends is Icelandic and just went back home. Actually he wrote the post from this past monday on my site. If you want, I can put you in touch. Would you like his email?

  8. Jul

    Funny, I was just thinking about Iceland today. I hear now might be a good time to go…

  9. Sarah

    @NWY: Thanks, but I think I’ll pass. Iceland is looking less and less likely – we were considering AirBerlin because of the fare, but they might not be the most solvent. We’re juggling lots of different options, though, so I might ask you for his contact information at a later date.

    @Jul: Yeah, dude, jump on it while it’s cheap. After the buffalo mozzarella afterglow wears off, that is.

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