Welcome to November!

I’ve been working a lot — seems like my department has become Fire-Fighting Central. I like being the guy who can put out the fires (it’s nice to be needed), but even that gets old fast when everything is on fire. That’s bad for my goal of getting and keeping my accumulated comp-time hours under control, but good for future long-weekend trips, which are bad for getting and keeping my accumulated comp-time hours under control…

As a distraction, we’ve been experimenting a little in the kitchen:

new suitcase…and outside of the kitchen with our vacation photos. While making new friends at the WEBMU in Bremen in September, one of them handed us a neat little card with his contact info. It was about half the size of normal business card (by American dimensions — standard business cards here are a little different, just like Letter vs. A4) and had a photo on the front and his contact details on the back. I thought that was so slick. I visited MOO.com and got a set of our own printed minicards for 13,79 € and a nifty little holder for another few Euros. The best part: you don’t have to re-upload those photos if they’re already hosted on flickr. Ordering those, and a set of postcards also based on our flickr photostream was a snap, and they turned out great. So I’m vouching for MOO.com. I like that the Europe-based orders get shipped from the U.K.

Using QOOP was just about as easy — they offer the same kind of behind-the-scenes link to flickr.com. Their focus seems to be not just printing your stuff, but also allowing others to print your stuff (if you like) for fun and profit. I went to them because they offered custom luggage tags, and having recently bought a new suitcase without an integrated luggage tag, I wanted something eye-catching and MINE. Paid too much for it, if you ask me ($9.95 + $6 shipping!). But it looks pretty cool and seems durable. Oh yeah, and if you’re a cutting-edge surfer and using the Google Chrome browser, designing your photo products won’t work…stick with Firefox or MSIE (boo!) I guess.

5 thoughts on “potpourri”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    My sister got stickers from moo.com. They were super cool.

  2. Sarah

    @CNH: Everytime they send out an order, the envelope is closed with a sticker that says ‘Yay!’ Which is cool, because that’s exactly what we say when we receive it. I love it!

  3. Cliff

    spice jars Speaking of potpourri, check out our new spice arrangement! Click the picture for details.

  4. CN Heidelberg

    We had spice jars like that in Boston! We got them as a wedding gift. They came with a metal panel so they could go on the wall, if we wanted. They’re packed up somewhere in the in-laws’ basement. :/

  5. J

    Thanks for the tip. The lowest price I saw was €15.09, but it’s still worth it. I’ll be ordering soon.

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