google voice / video chat?

I’m itching to try this out.


Has anyone else downloaded the plugin yet? I tried in on our Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and it didn’t work – at least not with this cheapo webcam I use. On the Mac, the video test picture as shown in the screenshot above never came in — it remained a black box — though I could right-click on that black box and set some Flash player settings for audio, video, disk space usage, etc., which gave me hope. But either those settings I chose aren’t being committed, or there’s some deeper incompatibility between my SpeedLink 6820 web cam and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and the Google Chat plugin for Firefox/Safari 3.x.

Same camera on Windows seems to work, but I haven’t gotten the chance to test it with anyone yet. Haven’t tried it yet on Linux and I’m not hopeful (still no Google Chrome for Mac or Linux AFAIK).

Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. cliff1976

    Addendum: I tried it out with my dad. Works pretty well — possibly easier than Skype, since you don’t have to start an additional program whenever you want to use it or have it running all the time, waiting for the moment you want to use it.

    I wish I could get it working on my Mac or Linux machines (to be fair, I haven’t tried it yet on Linux, but I’m not hopeful…everything works for Windows first, then the Other Two later).

  2. cliff1976

    Regarding Linux:


    Wie schade.

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