Paris Planning November 2008

Narrowing down our list of stuff we want to do, while keeping enough buffer room in for spontaneity, is truly an art form.

Help us paint our picture.

Here’s our rough itinerary and short list:

What have you done? What would you have done (differently)?

thanksgiving a few days early

The Bird
beans and shallots and mushrooms
curried fruit

That’s two great meals with friends in two days. I’m having such a good time this weekend already, I think I need to take tomorrow off just to recover!

Highlights of the evening:

  • I got the fruity curry juice stuff all over my jeans when Tammy came to pick us up and the liquid sloshed over the sides of the pan. It wasn’t her driving; it was the fact that we’d made a double-batch and neglected to check how much liquid there actually was in there. Fortunately I borrowed some sweat pants from Matthias and they washed/dried my jeans while we ate.
  • We met Matthias’ sister and her boyfriend who are very nice.
  • We spoke a lot more German than normal for us on a weekend. This also applies somewhat to the party we attended in Munich last night.
  • While packing up and getting ready to go, it seemed my shoes had disappeared from the front hall of their apartment. Then I looked down and spotted them on Rainer’s feet. Mirth ensued.

The Curried Fruit seemed to be a success, even if some parties were a bit cautious about trying it at first or thought it must be intended as a dessert (and it does go great with vanilla ice cream, for the curious). I am pleased that most of it got eaten and leftovers were divvied up. And I’m looking forward to all manner of leftovers tomorrow.