Paris Planning November 2008

Narrowing down our list of stuff we want to do, while keeping enough buffer room in for spontaneity, is truly an art form.

Help us paint our picture.

Here’s our rough itinerary and short list:

What have you done? What would you have done (differently)?

3 thoughts on “Paris Planning November 2008”

  1. Mom

    Teahan recommended the Pompidou, recently remodeled, if I remember his comment correctly. Take lots of pictures! Have a safe trip.

  2. Em

    spectacular plan! i love that you’re doing the marais walking tour. the marais is the coolest place. may i also recommend:

    macaroons from laduree. please eat a rasperry one for me. the colors are so beautiful.

    hot chocolate at angelina. it’s a little on the fancy schmancy side, but their hot chocolate is so thick you can stand a straw in it.

    i hope this comment isn’t too long. maybe i should have just emailed you. but we lived a block north of the place des vosges on a street called rue des minimes. our friends later told us the restaurant we lived above, le petit marche, was their favorite place we never went there though. we ate a lot of cheese in the park.

    one of my favorite museums was the picasso museum, also in the marais. it’s a really cool collection.

    oh, and while you’re in the marais, rue des rosiers has awesome falafel. i love that street! i love walking there when school gets out and you can see groups of adorable little boys in their yamukes.

    i can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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