it’s not just Detroit

Got a link to this opinion column from my dad via email today:

Fred Albom?It’s by Mitch Albom, whom you probably know of as a sports reporter in the Detroit area who looks like what I thought Fred Savage was going to grow up to look like.


How about as the “Tuesdays With Morrie” guy? Or the “Five People You Meet in Heaven” guy?

Anyway, read the column I linked to above and ask yourself why officials in the government aren’t rushing to bail out the auto industry like they are banks and insurers. This has a big impact on me as well; I’m from the Detroit area originally and work now for a German auto parts supplier. If Ford and GeneralChryslerMotors* can’t buy parts from my company, people get laid off here, and other places, too.

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  1. Carolyn

    I was surprised that you hadn’t commented on this until now. It’s *obviously* been big news around here. Every day on the news you hear that more financial institutions are getting money, but the Detroit 3 can’t b/c they don’t have a plan. And to think I always wanted to work in the auto industry – eek.

  2. G

    You might want to take a look here to see a lot of current discussion on this:

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