short technical note

Yesterday, if you tried to email me using my address in the or domains, it probably bounced. Sorry about that; glitch was my own fault.

Sarah’s email availability was not affected.

Carry on enjoying La Vie Française Touristique vicariously.

2 thoughts on “short technical note”

  1. Snooker

    Looks like there is another problem with BOTH e-mails this time. I just tried to send you both something and got a lovely page long explanation about it. Let me know if you would like the lowdown.

  2. Cliff

    Thanks for pointing out the troubles, Snooker!

    I can sorta guess what the problem is. The short version is, if your mail server’s administrator hasn’t configured it to be referenced equally by both its name and its IP address (respectively forward and reverse lookup), then mail sent to us in the or domain will bounce.

    Most reputable email services have properly configured forward and reverse lookups for their servers. But some don’t (ahem, Comcast, you reading this?) and nearly all spammers don’t.

    If you are sending us mail in the or domains and it’s bouncing back to you, try our GMail addresses if you can’t get your mail server administrator to configure his server properly. GMail is less picky about accepting mail only from properly configured servers. But they really shouldn’t be — that would cut down on a lot of the spam sent into your inbox and mine every day.

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