Hotel Sully Saint-Germain

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Hotel Sully Saint-Germain
31 Rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris – France


We reserved this hotel due to the price, location and wireless connectivity. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. The price was fixed and the location (a short walk from the Maubert-Mutualité Métro station) was ideal. The design of the lobby and the rooms is quite attractive. The basic double room is fairly small by American standards, but has lots of storage space (closets and drawers, etc.).

Unfortunately, the promised internet was not accessible in the rooms. To use it, you had to bring your laptop and other materials down to the lobby, then jockey for position with the rest of the hotel guests set up for surfing. We like to bring our laptop with us to help with planning our outings, so reliable, room-accesible internet is important to us. We were a little disappointed on that score.

There were a couple of other odd occurrences. There was a brief power outage one evening – about 30 seconds with no lights. Not a big deal to us, but we did overhear another couple complaining to the concierge about another outage the previous evening that happened while the woman was in the shower. So I guess that happens with some regularity. Also, on the morning of our checkout, I couldn’t get the water temperature to cooperate. It started out normal, but then started switching between burning hot and freezing cold. It made rinsing my hair an adventure.

The breakfast included in our rate was adequate, except for the coffee (it was dreadful). The elevators are extremely small, so occasionally taking the stairs is the best option. Generally, it was a pleasant experience. It is by no means a luxury hotel, but as a place to sleep, shower and keep your stuff while you’re out experiencing Paris, the Sully Saint-Germain is a good choice.


Sarah hit all the points I’d make. Location was the most important aspect for me — it’s an easy walk to the Ile de la Cité or the Louvre or just hop onto the #10 Metro line to get out to other parts of the city or a bigger train station.

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  1. ian in hamburg

    Ah,Paris! I hope you enjoyed the city. Mind me asking what they soaked you for per night with breakfast? We paid about 80 without breakfast for a place near the Gare du Nord / Gare de l’Est when were were there mid-May. Nice neighbourhood, surprisingly quiet room. With Paris hotels I think unless you’re going into the 200 – 300 a night range you get really quirky places and service. The lifts are famously tiny – our room actually sloped! We had to re-do the bedding so we weren’t sleeping with our feet higher than our heads. It was also small, but the bathroom had super-modern fixtures and the place was clean, so we didn’t mind. I fetched croissants and we brought our own coffee, filter and kettle. You don’t get much more for breakfast usually, and we saved €16 for the two of us per day that way.

  2. Sarah

    @Ian: We had a really great time, thanks. We ended up paying just under 120€/night, breakfast included (bought it through a reseller, so no way to negotiate – I think the price statement on the door said breakfast was normally 14€). I had stayed in a place on my last visit to Paris in 2004 that was sketchy, so I resolved to pay more and feel safer this time. I don’t think the hotel alone was worth the amount we paid, but the area was very nice.

  3. NewWrldYankee

    A little bird told me (Cliff) that you might go back in summer. I was thinking the same! Maybe we should meet up…things to think about!

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