Get the $%&? off my lawn!!

I feel like an elderly grump.

Why, you ask? Because I don’t understand ‘the Twitter.’ It looks like glorified text messaging/IMing to me. I see everyone’s Twitter plug-ins on their blogs and I read up on it at Wikipedia, but I still didn’t get it. So I established an account. After it mined my e-mail contacts for people I know on Twitter, I went and looked at their Twitter pages.

I am still missing something.

Can someone explain what’s special/better/shinier about Twitter? I’m really feeling like I’m missing the boat on this one.

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  1. tqe / Adam

    I like Twitter because its a good place for me to make short pithy/sarcastic comments that I want to remember but probably aren’t good for entire blog entries… that’s the method to my madness at least.

    I do get annoyed when people post more than about 15 Tweets in a day… it makes it difficult to keep up at that point.

    What’s your Username on Twitter anyway?

  2. G

    I don’t use it, but I really think the point is the constant updating by phone/smartphone/whatever. So it’s as if one is being constantly reaffirmed in oneself through other people “talking” to them constantly. As if one were more valid through exchanging (though Twitter is more a push than an exchange) info throughout the day.

  3. Jul

    I also do not get this particular thing. I signed up long ago, but haven’t actually been using it. (User name zurika if you want to follow my lack of tweeting.)

    See ya tomorrow!

  4. Tammy

    ditto – I don’t get it either.

  5. Snooker

    Don’t feel bad Sarah, there are many people like us who don’t understand Twitter. I signed up a long time ago and just never got into it. There are LOTS of people who are addicted, some who have left blogging to focus only on Tweeting.
    Maybe it’s just not our style. I know in my case it is my penchant for wordiness which holds me back from loving the Twitter.
    Oh, and your reference to “get off my lawn” reminds me of Wil Wheaton’s blog. Are you a reader?
    See? I’m wordy… even my comments are longer than a Tweet.

  6. Carrie

    Soooo… Twitter is fun. I use an app to post links to excellent websites. Found out about some killer deals/coupon codes online that way. Follow some corporate Twitters. Follow the official WSU Twitter, which has proven VERY helpful at least twice thus far.The thing that gets me is the amount of spam, as spammers will find any way to be spammy. But voila… hit the “Block” button and you’re good. (Also don’t like people integrating Twitter into every work like “Tweetosphere, my Tweeps, Tweeple, etc.) Mine is anonymous overall, save the badge on the blog. That, in more than 140 characters, is my one and only explanation as to why I enjoy Twitter.

  7. Scott

    Twitter is like an office water-cooler. It’s a way to hold quick and trivial conversations in real time. You might accidently learn something useful or interesting, but usually you don’t. It’s an entertaining waste of time.

  8. Sarah

    @Adam: I see you already found me – not that it was too difficult. I don’t know whether I’m going to use it much.

    @G: That’s pretty much what I thought it was, but sometimes I miss things, so I figured I’d ask.

    @Jul: I think it found you when I let it look at my e-mail. I’m excited to see you guys and to get my Glühwein on!

    @Tammy: Glad I’m not the only one!

    @Snooker: Yeah, after looking at Tweets of people that I know and considering the comments (especially a couple of the points that G made), I doubt I will get into it. It takes something compelling to get me to even do a blog post and I tend to really like to consider my words before putting them out there into the universe (several drafts and hours of pondering). Plus, my off the cuff statements are often:

    -longer than 140 characters and
    -richly studded with profanities, like nuts on a fruitcake.

    So, yeah. Maybe not my style. But I’ll give it a whirl. And I’ve heard about Wil Wheaton’s blog, but never looked at it.

  9. Carrie

    …Twitter into every work like “Tweetosphere,…

    that would be ever WORD like…

  10. H-Bomb

    I signed up long ago. After about a day, I realized if I didn’t care what everyone else was tweeting or twittering or whatever you were calling, they probably didn’t care about me either.

  11. Sarah

    The jury is still out. I can see the attraction, but also the drawbacks. But B. and Christina are kindly trying to give me helpful hints. We’ll see if this a format that I can get into.

  12. Tammy

    I think your best format is ‘cafe conversation’ – the one where you meet me for a coffee and we sit and chat for an hour or three. It probably exceeds 140 characters….

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  14. ian in hamburg

    May I copy your post word-for-word and post it on my blog? I feel exactly the same way. I’ve got an account, but never Tweet – or rather, it only updates what I post on my blog. I suppose anyone following would find that spammy. C’est la vie…

  15. Hezamarie

    Get the $%&? off my lawn!!

    would pass the 140 characters! You are already on your way to becoming a twitterer.

  16. Sarah

    @Tammy: So that’s my niche!

    @Ian: Feel free. I’m just glad there are other people out there that were fuzzy with/didn’t acclimate to the concept. I was feeling a little isolated.

    @Heza: That is a marvelous perspective! See, sometimes you just need someone to turn a concept on its side for it to make sense.

  17. NewWrldYankee

    I find that Twitter is agreat way to keep up with posts of ppl who use Twitterfeed, a good way to get answers to Qs right away, to get feedback on a new site or venture, to share some laughs and stories, to meet new ppl in your niche. It’s dead useful and so many new people have discovered my site through it.

  18. J

    I completely agree with you, Sarah.

  19. CN Heidelberg

    Can’t help you here, I have the same problem. I signed up a while back and never used it. I can’t even remember my username. I guess it’s better than, say, Facebook status updates because you can make it come to your phone? I have a friend who is really into it and I tried to figure out what the deal was from him…but he was a little hurt that I even asked!! (Addict! ;) )

  20. Sarah

    @NWY: See, this just reinforces why I think I am ill-suited to Twitter. It’s so public that it seems like an imposition. I don’t do blog posts or comment on others’ blogs very often because I don’t think what I have to say is all that important (albeit lately, you can’t shut me up).

    @J: Oooooh, I love all the people saying that!

    @CNH: I am relieved that, so far, no seems outright hurt or offended that I posed the question. And I would hate it coming to my phone! Hell, I can barely be bothered to look at SMSes as it stands, and those are usually about something urgent. If they were coming in all the time with trivial shit? I shudder to think…

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