Travel Deals 12.12.2008

Kinda slow off the mark this week. Sorry, it’s been a doozy and the pickings looked slim.

Cruise Pricing

Anyone out there interested in cruising?

Eewww, no, not that kind of cruising. The big boat kind.

Vacations To Go reports that all of the major cruise lines are doing away with their fuel surcharge for the 2009 sailings. Huzzah, I say! To look at their site, you do have to give an e-mail address and they will send you two weekly newsletters, one for cruises, one for resorts. I think it’s a great resource, or at least a good jumping-off point. And the deals available on cruises are staggering (not just on VTG). Unlike an airline, it is not in the cruise ship’s best interest to sail half-full because they depend on people signing up for excursions and tipping for the line and the crew to make money. So they will slash the price of a cabin as much as needed to get bodies on the boat. We found our cruise a good way to sample lots of different areas we had yet to visit.

Europa hin- und zurück

Lufthansa is running a special for roundtrip flights within Europe for 99€, inclusive of taxes and fees! Look for your home airport and see where the deals take you. Move fast on this one – the offer ends on Sunday, Dec. 14. But you can fly starting today and going all the way to Oct. 30, 2009! Blackout dates probably apply, but it doesn’t say so specifically (as far as I’ve looked, anyhoo).

That’s pretty much it. Like I said, slim pickings, but I expect a pickup in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you’ve seen any killer deals.

8 thoughts on “Travel Deals 12.12.2008”

  1. Kelsey

    Hey there. I’ve been following both your blog and your flickr (I left the comments on your Eiffel Tower photos the other day), and you seem pretty neat. I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blogroll?

  2. Tammy

    Dude, you made the last three posts. What’s with that? I like it.

  3. cliff1976

    Dude, you made the last three posts. What’s with that? I like it.

    The last six, if I’m counting correctly. I like it too.

    Oh, and are you saying you miss my posts, Tammy? *grin*

  4. Sarah

    @Kelsey: Sure you can add us to your blogroll. We are, in fact, pretty neat, but it’s nice to hear it from an outside source. And glad you liked the pictures!

    @Tammy: I know, right? Cliff’s blogging time is severely limited right now, so I’m trying to ease the sense of loss.

    @Cliff: I miss your posts.

  5. cliff1976

    Whoopity-doo, here we come Berlin!

  6. CN Heidelberg

    We booked to Manchester to go up to Scotland for the Lufthansa deal! Woo hoo!

  7. cliff1976
    Eccentric Scot Ray McCooney runs the Ye Olde Hotel in Scotland.
    Eccentric Scot Ray McCooney runs the Ye Olde Hotel in Scotland.

    Way to go! Scotland has been on our list pretty much since we moved here.

    We got our own deals on today, thanks partially to this Lufthansa offer. Ironically, we booked on Lufthansa to Berlin and Air Berlin to Budapest.

    Give our regards to Ray!

  8. G

    I booked Lufthansa to London for January, thanks. I am going to get my Japan Center and Cheddar fix on (with a museum or two, probably;)). Thanks.

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