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Paris Walks
Peter and Oriel Caine
12 passage Meunier
93200 Saint Denis
+33 148 09 21 40


Twenty Euro well spent! We took the ‘Old Marais Quarter Circuit 2′ tour, with a focus on the existence of the Marais as Paris’ Jewish quarter and that community’s changing fortunes, then turning to famous Parisians through history and their roots in the area. The walk was two hours (dress warmly and bring an umbrella) and our guide, Iris, kept us moving at a good clip – not too fast, but fast enough to keep things interesting and blood circulating. In addition to a comprehensive knowledge and apparent interest in the history of the area, she had a few personal tips (where to get a good falafel or a great chocolate boutique) that made us want to come back and explore the neighborhood more on our own.

Paris Walks has a variety of tours, any of which I’d be tempted to try on a return trip.


Note: it’s only 10 EUR per person. That’s 5 EUR per hour you’re paying to walk around and get the inside scoop. A fantastic bargain. Definitely money and time well-spent. Thanks Iris, for your enthusiasm despite the rest of the group appearing somewhat nonplussed. We dug this tour!

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