5 thoughts on “A trip to Budapest in June 2009”

  1. bud

    Was there a few weeks ago. HINT! Do NOT order “house made pickles.” Learned that “English” really means the sourest cole slaw I would suspect you ever ate. We laughed for a long time. Thought perhaps peculiar to THAT menu, then saw it on two others later in the week.

    Budapest is an interesting city! Still needs rebuilding from the uprising in 1956, I believe. Very “east” still, my “east” partner told me.

  2. J

    I’ve been there twice. It’s lovely. It’s not as ‘east’ as it was when I first visited in 1998, though.

  3. Christina | AmiExpat

    I love Budapest! Have fun!

  4. Sarah

    @bud: Ooooh, thanks for the tip. I’m not a huge pickle/cole slaw fan to begin with, so that would be an unwelcome surprise.

    @J: I’ve only been so far east as Prague, so I’m just looking forward to a different flavor of Europe in general.

    @Christina: I will have to pick your brain about it as the trip draws closer!

  5. NewWrldYankee

    Oh, we should so meet up! Thanks for the Dopplr tip ..gonna get on it now!!

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