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Just one more business day in the old apartment before we move to the new place. Today Sarah and I (mostly Sarah) made some chocolate-orange cupcakes and carted them over to the new apartment building to greet the new neighbors and wish them a happy new year. Everyone seemed really nice and pleasantly surprised to be cupcake recipients. Cupcakes are good like that.

On Monday, movers are coming over bright and early* to pack our stuff up and cart it across town to the new place, unload it and then leave us to unpack at our leisure. They’re going to be disassembling and reassembling all our furniture as necessary to get it out the door and down the stairs as well as packing our breakables. Here’s hoping it goes smoothly. What are your inside-Germany moving experiences? I suppose tomorrow during the day, if possible, we should get all that official stuff done (GEZ, REWAG, Bürgerzentrum-whatnot) — at least as much as possible. pc255057 pc255056 Then our last remaining activities in this apartment should be cleanup/touchup work, like filling in holes drilled in the plaster with putty or painting over scuff marks, and being here for visits should prospective new tenants need to stop by for a look-see. We got some preliminary packing stuff done. Have you ever used Space Bags? Big thanks to mother-in-law Susie for sending us a box of them. They are too funny — conceivably really, really handy for shrinking down your out-of-season stuff or maybe for getting the most efficient use out of your suitcase prior to a big trip. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and good luck in customs / bag-inspection.

This evening we had a great time over at pal An & Alex’ house for dinner (prepared by a visiting novice chef in the family — under An’s guidance, and it was great food) followed up by an intense euchre tournament. Sarah and I routed the first three teams confronting us and got big swollen euchre egos. Then Team Alex nearly skunked us right before our bus came by to pick us up.

Last night we brought in the new year at Tammy & Matthias’ house — along with 22 local and extended friends (including the euchre tournament participants from today). We did an evening of raclette grilling and shooting the breeze before heading out to the river to marvel at all the fireworks (and make sure no one lost any digits). I took a few pictures worth keeping around.

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  1. CN Heidelberg

    We did an in-Germany move but some aspects we didn’t have to worry about – GEZ, utilities, etc – because our first apartment was at the university and all those extras were taken care of by them. The biggest problem was the mail forwarding, which didn’t seem to work very well. We set up a forwarding address and even had to pay for it (never had to do that in the US), but they still continued sending important mail to our previous address, and some mail from that time period was returned to sender. Eventually it all seemed to sort itself out but was annoying for a bit. So, just watch out for that. Good luck!!

    1. cliff1976

      Hmm…I’m following a checklist on our moving company’s website and so far, I think we’ve got most of the stuff done we can or need to do. Fortunately, we’ve got 3 full months as of yesterday to finally get outta here. Unfortunately, that means double rent for a while (unless another tenant can be found sooner).

      I tried to do my GEZ bit, but the website said it was down for maintenance. Got the gas and electric meters done today though, and the forms for our phone and internet service are supposedly on the way.

  2. Tammy

    We have had good luck (so far) with the mail forwarding. Well, at least I think we have. Since we had both places for a little while, we were able to watch as the mail shifted to the new place. it took a couple of weeks for the mail guy to finally get everything over here, but in the end, it did get here.

    It took two weeks for he DSL so come on, and that SUCKED! I waste far too much time on line. On the good side, I did get a lot of stuff done on the apartment in those two weeks.

  3. ann

    Tammy – oh how I wish it had been two weeks for us. It took them two months!!!! for us. (sorry to freak you out, i am sure that service that bad is a one off thing).

    We did all of our address changing by fax – missed one bank though and it cost us 10eur. There was an extrememly serious mold problem in the apartment we moved out of (damage from a construction site next door – we were certainly not perfect in our ventilation behaviour, but part of the roof was left open) so our landlady let us out of our contract early.

    We are so happy in our new apartment – I can only hope you are as well. Very best of luck with the move.

  4. Sam

    We’ve moved four times in the last ten years and haven’t really had a problem. Mail forwarding always has worked, the utilities were relatively simple with no issues other than a phone call to be sure, etc, etc. As for the phone and internet, I always went to the local telekom shop and asked them to handle it and they have always come through. In both of the last moves, there was a wiring problem in the house that negated DSL working and each time they sent a guy to fix it as part of the move over price. We always had internet within days of moving in (though, no time to enjoy it!).

    Anyway, good luck with the move.

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