this might be the last post for a while!

In 58 minutes our movers are scheduled to arrive with a big truck, pack up all our stuff, and move it over to the new place. I wish our phone and internet service provider were as on the ball; I’m still waiting for the forms they promised to mail me to arrive.

So, our internet access is going to be pretty limited for a while — just cafés and such until the ISP gets ahold of us. Of course, with our impending vacation at the end of the month, it could be quite a while before we have phone and internet at the new place.

Wish us luck!

9 thoughts on “this might be the last post for a while!”

  1. tqe / Adam

    Good luck with your move and your travels… I look forward to the updates, whenever they come.

  2. G

    Good luck with the move. We had trouble with our internet/phone too, I hope yours goes more smoothly.
    I may be asking questions about the experience in a few months: now that we actually have furniture here, I can see that our next move will be hired rather than self-handled.

  3. CN Heidelberg

    Here’s hoping there is no furniture breakage, dish chippage, or electronics smashage!

  4. headbang8

    Good luck. Moving is misery.

  5. Christina | AmiExpat

    Good luck with the move. Can’t wait to see the new place!

  6. Carrie

    Good luck with the move! SARAH… Belated Happy Birthday. Expect a note from NB soon. :0) What a great BD present! A new place and more $ in your pockets to boot!

  7. Jul

    All the best for your move and a speedy restoration of your internet access.

  8. Snooker

    Here’s to your new place and a hearty good luck wish on getting Internet/phone connections in a timely manner.

  9. cliff1976

    Thanks all!

    I was expecting some stuff in the mail from the phone/internet provider, but only half of it arrived. I made an appointment for moving our service to the new joint, but it won’t be until February 2, after we get back from our vacation.

    The in-laws have cable internet (oh, how I’ve missed residential cable internet service…) and I plan to set them up with some WLAN so I don’t have to share computer time with anyone, haha! (…except maybe Sarah…)

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