wir sind zurück gekommen

So, after very uneventful flights from K.C. to Chicago to Munich, we’re back. All flights were smooth and on time, and even our shuttle pick-up and drop-off was easy. Still, we learned a couple things along the way:

  1. Space Bags! Space Bags! Sure make the packing easier. Not sure what happens if TSA needs to open your stuff up, however. Do they have vacuum cleaners available to re-shrink your stuff? We packed 4 space bags full of clothing and of those, only one got torn. Bummer. Probably our fault, because we had a bunch of metal (cans of mexican food staples, primarily, plus assorted Bed Bath & Beyond goods) in our suitcases along with them.
  2. Apparently we purchased our tickets back when two checked bags per traveler were included in the price. We had one big suitcase each and were over weight (and so were our bags, ha!) but the ticketing agent suggested we purchase a cheapo bag from the gift shop to check. Fortunately, I’d purchased a new backpack while in KC and still had the old one (empty) in the one of the suitcases. So we pulled it out and filled it up with heavy stuff and easily skated under that 50 lb. per bag limit.

5 thoughts on “wir sind zurück gekommen”

  1. headbang8

    A fifty pound bag? Gott in Himmel!

    1. cliff1976

      headbang8: not sure about your exclamation. Are surprised that we brought that much (or that little) stuff back with us, or that that’s the limit?

      G: I got whipped by the chain once too, but fortunately the company picked up the tab. I had a three-week trip with an itinerary which took me from Detroit to Frankfurt to Toulouse to Detroit and I got nailed with an extra 200€ (if memory serves; it was December 2003) for my overseas amount of luggage on the intra-European stretch between Frankfurt and Toulouse. Couldn’t get out of it because of the way my team assistant had booked me. Good on you for avoiding that.

      CJ: You’re gettin’ your travel on soon, too. But despite all of that, my dopplr profile still shows my personal velocity as comparable to that of a duck.

      Snooky: Our ticketing agent was willing to let a pound or two per bag slide, for which we were thankful. I wouldn’t have thought of a third bag at all — I really thought we were only allowed one suitcase per person. Not sure if there was a rule there that was not being enforced or simply hadn’t yet taken effect. I’m going to try to remember to slip a backpack (or something — but the backpack worked well) into the suitcase for any trip requiring a suitcase.

  2. G

    Welcome back.
    We have just purchased our US tix for March and we still have the 2 bag per person limit. We very carefully planned a lay over in NY before heading to Florida because, although it would have saved $30/pp to go R/T NY, then R/T FL, doing so would have broken the “chain” and reduced us only 1 bag per person, making our trip far more expensive.
    All the flights I looked at maintained the 2 bag p/p for int’l flights, although that may disappear, too.
    HB8- we have no trouble filling all our bags (all 8). Molasses is pretty heavy, you know. And I can always fill the edges with books and magazines and pie tins. This time I think I am bringing over my KitchenAid and my cuisinart, if I can find it in our storage unit. I would bring over a Wii, but I have been told it won’t work with our TV here- anyone know?
    And then there are the outlets in Fl- I haven’t purchased any clothes in the last 14 months.

  3. CJ

    You little travel mavens, you. ;-)

  4. Snooker

    Welcome back gang!
    The space bags are cool because mostly they just throw them on the x-ray machine. I’m still not sure why, but my luggage gets tossed every time I travel. I can always tell that they’ve torn into it even though I don’t carry too many goodies back. I was told that the one bag p/p rule was not enforced for international travel, even for travel within the continental U.S. As for the overweight issue (the bags, not me… ahem), I ALWAYS have a quickie backup on hand because I’ve been nabbed one too many times at 51lbs.

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