Modernity – a fuzzy concept for some

Cliff and I are waiting for a letter, to be delivered (hopefully soon) by the Deutsche Post. This letter will inform us of an appointment. Provided this little piece of paper leads to a successfully-kept appointment, we will be pleased.

The appointment is with our internet and phone service provider to have our new apartment hooked up.

You’d think they might have embraced the use of e-mail. Or SMS. Or, you know, phones.

3 thoughts on “Modernity – a fuzzy concept for some”

  1. tqe / Adam

    What if the time they assign you isn’t good for you?

  2. Sarah

    @tqe/Adam: In that case, the letter explicitly says to call them and reschedule. Which begs the question: why not just do that in first place? Why waste the postage?

  3. tqe / Adam

    @Sarah: Maybe they think there is a chicken/egg quandary: since they are the phone company they can’t call you if you don’t have a phone. It’s not very “handy”…

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