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So Arcor/Deutsche Telekom decided to stop sucking! At the proverbial 11th hour, their reps showed up and spent a whopping 7.5 minutes flipping whatever switch needed to be flipped to connect us. In the final tally, we spent 16.75 hours waiting for them split up over three appointments, two of which were unsuccessful, made two irate phone calls to reschedule the no-shows and heard four different stories of What Happened, each of which contained at least one element of un-truthiness. And no apologies were received.

But we didn’t change services. So, I suppose, we have our own yoke of suck to bear.

7 thoughts on “Return to teh Intarwebs”

  1. J

    So, what you’re saying is ‘just another typical day in Germany.’

  2. cliff1976

    Well, not typical for us. Statistically, thus far, we move every five years we live in Germany. We were without phone and internet service at the apartment for about 8 days longer than agreed upon at the outset. That’s less than 0.45% of the time we’ve lived here.

    You’ve got some mighty high standards, sir!

    I’m not saying I’m pleased or satisfied with the situation, but in the grand scheme of things. We didn’t suffer. Just got annoyed. Because we missed (the collective) you.

  3. Sarah

    And, in our experience, when a service provider in Germany says they’re going to show up, they tend to do so. That’s kind of why I posted this – because it’s unusually slipshod. Honestly, I halfway expect this crap in the U.S. Everything with our move (especially when dealing with our fantastic movers) has gone swimmingly. This is the glaring exception.

  4. Snooker

    Congratulations and welcome back!

  5. Mom

    It sounds very non-Deutsch. More like Comcast. Since I do worry about what the world is coming to, I can’t use that as a joke. Put it behind you and look forward to April! In Puerto Vallarta the phone guy has come out and not fixed the phone a half dozen times, so you’re still ahead in the rankings.

  6. headbang8

    “our own yoke of suck to bear.”

    Ah, Cliff, you silver-tongued devil!

    1. Cliff

      Thanks…but look closer at that post’s author(ess) please!

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