WEBMU 2009 Discussion Board

WEBMU, the Whiny Expat Blogger Meetup

Are we still calling it that?

No matter. I set up a discussion board (chiefly moderated by J) over at http://www.expatbloggersingermany.com/meetup and the discussion is now under way to determine first where, and then when we’ll be meeting up this year. New user registrations must be approved by an administrator (such as Yours Truly or Himself). You have to register in order to post. At the moment registration and login is required in order to read content (which means some or most feedreaders are out of the question for now), but that’s up for discussion and I’m hoping we can reach a consensus about making the content world-readable.

Check it out, cast your vote, then meet up!

7 thoughts on “WEBMU 2009 Discussion Board”

  1. ian in hamburg

    WEBMU? I propose WE-BUM. Whiney Expat Bloggers’ Unmissable Meetup. Or would that sound too pretentious?

  2. cliff1976

    Only if you don’t participate!

    Why haven’t you registered yet, Ian?

  3. CN Heidelberg

    Everybody come over, we need more input!

  4. Snooker

    I love it! WE-BUM!
    OK, I’m registered… I’m waiting on APPROVAL!
    This is hard I must say… I’ve never desired ANYONE’S approval before… and here I am not so patiently waiting!

  5. ian in hamburg

    Hi Cliff,
    Tried to register on Friday (Feb 27) on the site, but still waiting for the email for approval. Can you look behind the scenes to see if there’s something still in the queue?

  6. cliff1976

    Hey Ian: I just reset your password and emailed it to you.

    Hey Snooker: are you still waiting on an email as well? Let me know and I’ll pick a nice (temporary) password for you as well.

  7. Snooker

    Hello Cliff… still waiting for approval.
    Password, pretty please?

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