the kitchen update

[This is a bit overdue. I’ve been busy.]


It’s almost done.

I took some unexpected time off of work this week and got A LOT of stuff done. Granted, it wasn’t necessarily the most efficient method (we did a lot of running around chasing equipment), but we did OK and we’re both pleased with the results.

We got all our stuff from IKEA (where else?) via a rental minivan on Monday. We started putting the big countertop/drawer unit together on Tuesday and got it done after about 6 hours (including a short lunch break). We were pretty happy with the way it looked but tired from all the driving of screws and such. We were gathering our equipment up for the exciting next day of drilling screws through plaster into…who knows what… for the purpose of mounting shelves when I noticed our screws and wall anchors (Dübel, auf Deutsch) required an 8mm drill bit, and I don’t didn’t have one of those.

So we marched off to the hardware store bright and early this morning and got a suitable one. Came home, measured carefully, incorporated all the tips from all the more experienced home improvers in my social circle, and proudly mounted one shelf quite nicely. And then we checked our screw inventory only to find we could support only one half of another shelf with our current supply. So…another trip out on the bus…this time to a different hardware store, with bus service more than once per hour. Of course we wanted the exact same kind and size of screw and wall anchor set — specifically the brand recommended to me by people who’ve used them, but they didn’t have the right size-kind-brand combination at the 2nd hardware store. We opted for the right size and kind, but wrong brand. And, these screws have those wacky 6-pointed star heads. Good luck getting those suckers out. Heheh.

Coburg Samba Festival?

So last year up at the Maschseefest I was there with a coworker and our wives, and there were some groovy-sounding Latin-American-flavored tunes (actually, as an aside — the Maschseefest was surreal, much like what I saw of Hannover itself). Co-worker dude asks me if I like Samba. I say, “Sure I do. What’s not to like?” He says, “There’s a samba festival in Coburg. We should go.”

Then yesterday, 6+ months later, Homes pushes a printout from toward me and says, “So, you still game?”

I am not, but only because of a scheduling conflict. I’d consider next year. Anyone done this? I’d appreciate comments and opinions from anyone who goes this year, because I’m interested for next year.