Coburg Samba Festival?

So last year up at the Maschseefest I was there with a coworker and our wives, and there were some groovy-sounding Latin-American-flavored tunes (actually, as an aside — the Maschseefest was surreal, much like what I saw of Hannover itself). Co-worker dude asks me if I like Samba. I say, “Sure I do. What’s not to like?” He says, “There’s a samba festival in Coburg. We should go.”

Then yesterday, 6+ months later, Homes pushes a printout from toward me and says, “So, you still game?”

I am not, but only because of a scheduling conflict. I’d consider next year. Anyone done this? I’d appreciate comments and opinions from anyone who goes this year, because I’m interested for next year.

One thought on “Coburg Samba Festival?”

  1. J

    I know people who have gone and have only heard great things about it. I’ve been meaning to get down there for it for years now. Perhaps I’ll join you guys next year.

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