Is the long, dark winter over?

I guess it has been for a few days now, according to the orbit of the earth around the sun. But I’m not so sure — last night before bed it was sleeting ominously.

But there were offerings of pineapple and fresh spinach at the grocery store on Saturday. Those are good signs! In celebration of the coming of spring, I decided to switch the default theme of this blog to one I made based on Rémuzat. If you’re reading this blog through a feed reader, you probably won’t notice a change. If you’ve explicitly chosen this theme in the past, you might not notice a change now. If you prefer one of the other themes, they’re available in the sidebar menu under “Themey Stuff.”

2 thoughts on “Is the long, dark winter over?”

  1. J

    Well, the dark part is over – I doubt if the rest is, though.

  2. Mom

    I expect spring soon after the smell of skunk wafts through the neighborhood. With the false long day due to Bush’s brilliant energy saving plan of kicking up Daylight Savings Time nearly a whole month, and the unpredictable Michigan March playing with our hopes, the skunk is the true indicator that winter is almost over. Someone drove over one just last week.

What's your take on it?

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