5 years today

Just a short note from our visit in Weimar: today marks five years to the day since we moved from Michigan to Germany.

Wow. Five years. That’s a long time.

Weird, huh?

4 thoughts on “5 years today”

  1. J

    aha, you made it to Adam’s party. Cool. Dish the dirt when you get back.

    5 years? Newbies…lol. Congrats. By the way, have you ever posted about why you moved here?

  2. Mom

    We miss having you come over. It’s a long time and it’s gone by so quickly.

  3. Snooker

    Wow! Five years… doesn’t it go by quickly?
    I would also be interested in the story of how and why you are here.

  4. cliff1976

    I guess it’s not really all that exciting or unique, but here’s the story, briefly:

    1. My parents took my sister and me on vacation to Germany over Christmas/New Years 1989/90 to visit my aunt and her family who were stationed in Germany due to the military.
    2. I dug it and started up with German my freshman year of high school the next year.
    3. I took German for two years in high school and in 1992 I got a scholarship (Congress-Bundestag, fo rthose who know) for the 1992-93 school year to live in Germany as an exchange student during my 11th grade year.
    4. Coming back to 12th grade in the suburbs of Detroit was rather less exciting, so I pretty much resolved to make it back to Germany — again, on someone else’s dime where possible.
    5. Got a B.A. in German Lit (minors in Spanish and Information Systems), started applying at German companies.
    6. None of ’em bit, but the resume of mine a fellow German Lit student (double-majoring in Mech. Eng.) dropped on a desk got me interview and a student job the next day.
    7. That job turned into a full-time job. I worked it for five years.
    8. I was getting bored with it and ready to move on when they offered me a spot in Regensburg.
    9. Took a quick trip to Germany (3 weeks total) in December 2003 to check out Regensburg and flog some software I’d been developing over the last year or so. There were no objections on either side, so we started the preparations. It was another in a series of pretty much non-interviews.
    10. February 2004 I married the live-in girlfriend and headed off to Regensburg again to find an apartment.
    11. March 27th, 2004 we rolled up exhausted (and Sarah was pretty confused and disoriented having slept poorly on the plane and never visited Germany before) at Regensburg Hbf (which was in shambles at the time under renovation) after having narrowly made our train out of Frankfurt Flughafen Fern Bf.
    12. I think y’all know the rest of the story, right?

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