Trip to Weimar and Erfurt this past weekend

I took Friday off (I’d been planning to work half a day, but that fell through) and Sarah and I spent the afternoon on the train on our way up to attend pal Adam’s housewarming party in Weimar. He graciously put us up for the weekend — saving us a 4.5 hour trip back on the same evening. Saturday morning, he gave us a tour of Weimar and you know what? It’s a really cute little town. Smaller than Regensburg, but fiercely proud of what it’s famous for (primarily home to renowned playrights Goethe and Schiller and the seat of the Bauhaus design movement from the early 20th century).

Oddly enough, we didn’t see any Weimaraners.

Sarah headed back to Regensburg on Saturday afternoon to prep for her trip to London on Sunday, while Adam and I hopped a train to Erfurt to meet up with his friend Cathy who gave us a great tour. I really like the looks of Erfurt and I’m sure that Sarah missed out by taking that trip to London. So I guess we’ll just have to come back.

I stayed the night again in Weimar with Adam at his spiffy new apartment — which reminds me a lot of our old apartment — and spent most of today getting back here to Regensburg.

You can click on the pictures below to make them bigger and see their descriptions and stuff.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Weimar and Erfurt this past weekend”

  1. tqe / Adam

    Thanks for visiting!

    I really had a blast and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in the heart of Germany! I hope you are able to make a return visit.

  2. David

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Erfurt this winter and are having difficulties finding info on trains to Erfurt. We plan on flying into Frankfurt and then taking a train to Erfurt. What’s the cheapest way to get there? Flying into Leipzig is more expensive but the train from there to Erfurt is cheap. I can’t find anything about the price of ticket from Frankfurt to Erfurt. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. cliff1976

      Have you looked at (the German rail website)? A quick search there told me thst trips from the FRA airport one-way to Erfurt will cost about 55€ and take 2 or 3 hours on the high speed trains. Slower and cheaper routes may also be possible.

      1. tqe | Adam

        Cliff is right — there is basically hourly high speed (ICE) train service from the Frankfurt airport to Erfurt throughout the day (some hours you need to change at the main Frankfurt train station).

        If you fly an airline with an air-rail agreement, the trip from the Frankfurt Airport to Erfurt will often be include for free. I believe that the code that airlines use to identify the Erfurt train station is “XIU” — you will probably need to visit a travel agent who is knowledgeable about these kinds of tickets in order to get this kind of ticket. I think you can get these kinds of tickets (presuming a US origin) on both Lufthansa and American Airlines. There may be other airlines that participate.

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