Puerto Vallarta, April 2009

We’re back from a great trip down to Puerto Vallarta to visit my parents and some of our best buds N&C. This was the first time we’ve ever been down there without flying through the USA to get there. We learned some stuff; I expect Sarah will post her observations later after we get a chance to deflate and unwind.

For now, here are the best pictures we took while there (slideshow below). You can click the button in the lower-right corner to play the slideshow in full screen mode if you like. N&C may have some good ones to share as well; perhaps we’ll be able to cross-post some of them.

8 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta, April 2009”

  1. Tammy

    Welcome back! Just in time for the Dult

  2. Tammy

    just watched the slide show – OMG it looks beautiful there. I miss the water, and I wasn’t even there.

  3. J

    Thanks for the pics. I haven’t been to MX in 20 years.

  4. Christina | AmiExpat

    Welcome home. The photos are beautiful.

  5. Carrie Jo
  6. Carrie Jo

    Phooey. Didn’t embed. Click here for the Nate & Carrie version: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amoebastar/sets/72157617353912843/show/

  7. Carrie Jo

    Please note that this also has our Nashville pictures in it. ;-) They are at the end though.

  8. J

    Are you guys ok? The first case of Swine Flu has been reported in Rburg, you just got back from Mexico, etc.

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